About the blog

To put it simply: Sagagardevarn.com is a SwedishΒ it’s a lifestyle blog with a focus on food written by me, Saga GardevΓ€rn. This blog is my way of trying to help you to be the best version of yourself. The blog focuses primarily on delicious recipes but there is also some fitness inspiration and overall well-being. I genuinely believe that great nutritious food is the best way to reach both physical and mental health and cret. Therefore, I create recipes are vegan and healthy without compromising on taste. My aim is to cook vegan food that is a worthy substitute to meat options so that you won’t miss the meat.

The fitness and exercise part will focus on strength, cardio and functional exercises as well as some yoga. Here, the aim is to arm you with exercises that can be done easily at the gym or outside of the gym.